Free Games for Cell Phones

Being able to have free games for cell phones can make an everyday device become a fantastic world away during times of boredom. This can be a wonderful way to keep a person from becoming bored while waiting in line, sitting in a doctor’s office, or any place that can become boring.
Highspeed 3D

Highspeed 3D is one of the best free games for cell phones. A very high paced car racing game with high quality graphics for a phone game, this will keep a player entertained for hours on end. A player starts out as a rookie and has to work their way up through the levels to become top dog before finishing the game. There are more than 20 tracks to race on, opportunities to open up a garage and plenty of sweet driving conditions.

Evil House

Evil House is one of the quality creepy free games for cell phones. This is a game where Miranda has to explore a haunted house, village and several other levels before being able to escape to the win. There are abilities to compare high scores, and work through many levels. The game has exceptional music and is easy to move the character through the levels. It allows a person to know whether or not it will work for their particular type of phone before they go to the trouble of loading it up.

Video Poker

Video poker has been one of the leading free games for cell phones for quite some time now. This is a classic card game for those players who love to consider what their winnings might be for a night at the big casino. It has a chance for moving up through tournaments and making big bucks, in addition to building card skills. Get a fantastic chance to work on five card or seven card stud and enjoy the time waiting in line the next time a person has to.

Board Games

Board games can also be excellent free games for cell phones. Being able to practice backgammon at any time can help a person develop excellent reasoning skills to use against players in real time. This is one of the classic board games and has been enjoyed as a free game for cell phones for quite some time. The site also allows a person to easily recognize what phones this download will work for.

Texas No-Limit Holdem Poker

Texas No-Limit Holdem Poker is a great way to build a player’s skills for card and gambling. There can be a lot of enjoyment with free games for cell phones that include gambling and cards. This is a clean, quick game to be able to play. There are simple graphics, but that’s to be expected on a game that is dealing with cards. This is an excellent game rated at four stars and there’s even a link that lets a player easily know if it will work for their phone.

Free games for cell phones make a wonderful addition to a phone’s applications for multiple reasons, not the first of which is shear entertainment.

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