Cooking Dash: Top Cooking PC Video Games

Fashion and farming are quite popular time management PC games at the moment, and cooking games aren’t too far behind! These games aren’t so much about serving customers as they are making you the chef. Whether you’re looking to be schooled on the art of cooking or just want to make as much money as you can in your restaurant, one of these cooking games is sure to fit your fancy.


You can make a fortune and earn good reputation as a stellar master chef in a game called Gourmania. The basic concept of this game is to make as much money as you can in the food industry by building your empire of restaurants. At first you start as working as sole chef at local fast food restaurant and eventually, you can accumulate more money to move your way up to more prestigious establishments. In this exciting game, you will work with different cuisines sush as sushi, American food and desserts. You’ll move up to a dessert bar, a Sushi Bar, pizza restaurant and a steakhouse, with eight locations and sixty levels in total.

In each round you’ll be challenged to hidden ingredients in the kitchen. Once you find them your task is to prepare the foods which are ordered by customers as soon as possible. If you miss any ingredients or if time rusn out on an order, you will lose your customer, and you know what that means! You need to get familiarized with how the game actually works. There are three levels in the game and a bonus game. New recipes can be unlocked if you are eligible to play the bonus game where you plug in different foods based on their shapes. You’ll also be able to spend your money to upgrade the kitchen equipment. Score the points needed, make great food and satisfy your customer. The game can probably be completed within 5-6 hours.
Cooking Dash

If you really have a thrill for cooking with planned time management, then Cooking Dash is the Game for you. Developed by Aliasworlds Entertainment, The Game Cooking Dash, allow you meet a special Character name Flo and his Grandma. Flo, who works at restaurant, is in trouble because his main Chef leaves him. Now it is your job to help FLo to cook the food in time before they leave the restaurant with high temper due to the slowdown service.

Since you are new in the Restaurant, you have to find good and flaw by yourself. You have to take orders from the customers and prepare the food as fast as you can. Basically, the cooking involves frying, grilling and giving Flo’s Granny an order to make. You don’t want to disappoint your customers by a slow service so you need to do all the preparation in time. When you are preparing the food, you have two objectives, and that is using a fryer and grill. But don’t let the food burn. The restaurant is not your typical type because they stay side by side of the counter, not in tables. It has a good graphic showing you many things happening like Flo making different dishes, Grandma making cold foods. You can upgrade the restaurant by shopping around in a shop which is in the Game. As you progress with the game, the location also changes making more excitement in the rush hours of customer’s orders.

Go Go Gourmet

A wicked combination of time management and hidden object makes this game really fast paced and great for those who are fond of cooking, as well as those who aren’t. In the game, you have to search for the ingredients in the kitchen to make different dishes and serve to customers. Your job is to make more and more money by preparing the food as fast as you can before the kitchen is closed. The game has 12 different restaurants, and the more you earn, the higher end the restaurants become. If you like Gourmania, you’ll enjoy this one as well.

Cooking Academy

Cooking Academy is slightly different from the other cooking pc games because it focuses less on the time management aspect. You actually act out the process of cooking a meal by slicing vegetables, frying and adding ingredients into a pot. The game includes over 50 recipes, including eggrolls, ravioli, creme brulee and pancakes. The reason it’s called academy is that you are scored by how well you complete each dish. There are 38 mini games mixed in and five courses to pass. Don’t forget to study up!

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