Clash Royale Smackdown!

Clash Royale is a mobile game for the android and iOS devices. It is a free multiplayer real time strategy game from the online. It was developed and published by Supercell. In this game we have to fight with our opponent player to win the game. This game is similar to the game called clash of clans which was also developed by Supercell and some may look this game like a second part of clash of clans because of the similar characters such as giants, Barbarian kings, Archers, Wall breakers, etc. The Clash Royale game is a simple game and the players have to attack the opponent in a straight manner to defend their towers.

How to protect our towers

In this game there are three towers one tower for each player and for the third tower they have to fight against each other in order to win the game. If the central tower is with the opponent then the player wants to destroy the enemy’s tower and also needs to defend his own tower by using his troops. The game will last for three minutes and if there is a tie then only the players will get the extra time to play. There is an availability of lot of troops in the Clash Royale and the players need to unlock those troops to defend the towers. To unlock the each troop and also to move the next level the player has to collect the cards in the game. Already in the game we have won some chests in the winning tournament and these cards can be found inside the chests. There are some special attributes like life points, attack distance, speed, deployment time, etc in the Clash Royale game.

As a player he has to improve these attributes when he is moving to the next level in order to develop the troops in terms of strength, Number of players, etc. Also this game is a fun and a very short game with the duration of one to four minutes. While users playing this game and suddenly he needs a movement to his work then he can have a short break to relax himself. The graphics in the game makes us an addictive to this game. In the final part of the game the player needs to beat the opponent king along with the princess to win the tower, Glory, Crowns in the arena to get the trophy of the game. It is a user friendly, consistent and the fun game for the players. The game will gets ended in three minutes when all the player towers are destroyed or the player’s main tower is destroyed. If both the players have the same number of towers with them then there will be an extra minute to destroy the other tower in the game to decide the winner of the Clash Royale game.

How to cross the next level

The players are ranked based on their levels, trophies and arena in the Clash Royale game. At the maximum there could be thirteen levels in the game. In the game there are totally ten arenas to play and the player has to destroy more number of towers than the opponent or if the player will destroy the opponent king’s tower then that player will be the winner of the game. Initially both the players will be given four cards which are chosen by them from the pack of eight cards.

These cards are used by the players to attack and defend from the enemies. Clash Royale is a free game to download so the player is offering to buy gems by using the player’s real money from the card shop. And these clash royale free gems are mainly used to purchase the chests, cards and gold from the shop.

How to get the chest

If the player wins the game by defeating the opponent in the battle then they will be given a chest and it takes some time to unlock the chest because of the rarity of the chest. There are different types of chest are available and the opening time of these chests differs from each other. Also the unlocking time depends on the type of the chest. Silver chest will take three hours to open, Golden chest will take eight hours, Giant, magical and epical chest will take twelve hours to unlock and then super, magical and legendary chest will take twenty four hours to unlock. The purchase of gems by using the real money from the shop really meant to unlock the chest in a quicker time. These types of chests are containing the cards and gold at the same time free chest and crown chest are containing the valuable gems. The chests in the different levels are varying with the numbers and type of the cards. In an alternative way the player can make use of clash royale hack tool to get ultimate resources.

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