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Here at Online Calculus we offer you a free learning tool to improve your grades and better your understanding of calculus. We have free calculus video tutorials for all levels of ap calculus; pre calculus, ab, bc, and advanced calculus. This includes the study of introduction, differential, integral, vector, and function calculus. The videos you will find on this site present not only lecture material, but also practical example problems and solutions.

Here is a video lesson that you will find on this site, use the navigation links on the left for a complete list of video lessons.

This site is organized in a way that it is easy to find the video lessons you need. The calculus help lessons are arranged in a way that will follow your teacher's class. Each video also has a descriptive summary so you can make sure you don't waste time on areas you don't need help in. Take advantage of this free calculus tool, start learning now!

If you haven’t started learning calculus yet (or will be taking it in the near future), then you have found a great resource to jump start your education. Calculus can seem intimidating for people who have not seen it before. Like any new skill, a little bit of practise can go a great way in mastering the subject. Calculus is a very practical form of math. This free calculus resource covers many of the real life applications of calculus. This includes many engineering, science, and even business topics.

If you are an engineering student (like I was a few years ago) then you will really need to know the calculus to its fullest extent. Like everyone you will start with pre-calculus, but you will take your study much further into vector calculus and differential equations. Most other science and social science majors will only need to know basic calculus. No matter what your major is, studying calculus will give you a better, more analytical, view of the world.

We are working hard to deliver new free calculus lessons. We release a new set of lessons every few days, so be sure to check back soon!